Concrete Restoration

Specialized for Insulation Materials  has established a growing reputation as a high quality contractor in the concrete repair sector across Qatar industrial market. The reputation of Sure Seal in the specialized construction field of concrete repairs is reflected in the areas of Flooring Repairs and Deck Reinstatement, , Joint Sealing, Surface Preparation, Protective and Decorative Coatings, Structural and cosmetic concrete repair systems, Design and implementation of structural strengthening systems, Concrete injection treatment using epoxy and polyurethane resin, Rehabilitation of concrete silos, Rock stabilization and bolting using Shot Crete, Repair and protection for dams and retaining walls, tunnels and bridges, Resin Screeds and Self leveling Screeds: Cementitious, Epoxy & Polyurethane

Concrete Damage and Problems

Concrete damage, defects and problems can be caused for many different reasons,or as a result of a combination of several root causes. These causes are normally referred to and classified as:
Concrete Damage:
* Damage that is caused by Mechanical, Physical or Chemical exposure, i.e. Mechanical irrpact, blast or abrasion damage.
*Physical attack from Freeze-Thaw action, or from Expansive Alkali Aggregate Reaction (AAR), which is also known as
Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR).
*Chemical Attack by aggressive soft water leaching, acidic liquid or gaseous attack, or other adverse chemical exposure
Concrete Damage Due to Steel Reinforcement Corrosion:.
Concrete damage that is caused by the corrosion of the embedded steel reinforcement, i.e.
Cracking and spalling concrete over the reinforcement due to expansive steel corrosion caused by carbonation of the concrete and loss of the protective alkalinity.
Cracking and spalling over the reinforcement due to accelerated and expansive steel corrosion caused by chloride presence. 0 Electra-potential differences with other metal elements or stray electric currents from elsewhere can also cause steel corrosion.
Once the Concrete Condition Survey & Diagnosis is corrpleted and the selection of the most appropriate Concrete Repair Principles & Methods is made, then the detailed project Specifications and Bills of Quantities must be prepared.

This must be in accordance with a suitable Method of Measurement that can be understood and agreed by all parties; this is particularly irrportant in preventing any potential problems and misunderstandings at the tender and corrpletion stages of the project.
Areas of use:
Civil engineers commonly recommend epoxy crack injection for the structural repair of cracked concrete in applications such as highway overpasses, overhead concrete structures, concrete cracks, structural cracks, spalled concrete, concrete slabs, columns and all kind of cracks appear in concrete/masonry structure.

Concrete repair and Preservation

Restoring the original concrete of an element of the structure to the originally specified shape and function. Restoring the concrete structure by replacing part of it. Methods we use to Restore Concrete: Applying mortars by hand.Recasting with concrete.Spraying concrete or mortar.Replacing elements. Protection against Ingress: Reducing or preventing the ingress of adverse agents, eg water, other liquids, vapor, gas, chenicals and biological agents Methods we use to Preserve Concrete: In'pregnation. Applying liquid products which penetrate the concrete and block the pore system Surface coating with and without crack bridging ability. Locally bandaged/repaired cracks. Filling cracks/voids. Transferring cracks into joints. Erecting external panels

Concrete Strengthening

Concrete / Structural Strengthening. Increasing or restoring the structural load bearing capacity of an element of the concrete structure.

Methods we use for Strengthening Structural Concrete:

Adding or replacing embedded or external reinforcing steel bars.Installing bonded steel rebars in preformed or drilled holes in the concrete. Plate bonding.Adding mortar or concrete. Injecting cracks, voids or other interstices. Filling cracks, voids or interstices. Prestressing (post- tensioning).

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