Crack Injection


Specialized for Insulation Materials  has proven record in specialized systems of repairing concrete by using Crack Injection system i.e. Epoxy, Polyurethane & Turbo Seal injection systems. Crack injection is an extremely effective and reliable method to repair cracks in concrete. By using crack injection systems we accomplish several objectives at the same time for example repairing a foundation crack with crack injection prevents the possibility of future basement leak.
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  • Car Park Garages and parking structures.
  •  Shopping Centers Mall, Hotels, and Recreation Centers..
  •  Office Building Centers
  •  Towers and High Rises with modern life style facilities
  •  Landmark building that demand and elegant high tech look
  •  Residential structures having a new concept in environmental quality.


Epoxy crack Injection

Epoxy crack injection (also referred to as epoxy injection) is an extremely effective and reliable concrete crack repair method. Cracks in concrete structure, slabs and walls are treated by Crack injection system using Epoxy resin. Epoxy injection of concrete cracks has been used for decades. Epoxy crack injection is used exclusively for the repair of poured concrete foundation cracks, for the structural repair of same, to fix basement leaks, and to prevent poured concrete foundation cracks from leaking in the future. When done properly by a trained injection technician, this type of concrete crack repair does not fail Epoxy Injection resin is a system for welding cracks back together. This welding restores the original strength of concrete and restore the structure. In other words under most conditions it makes the concrete as good as new, this is due to epoxy's significant bond strength. With an epoxy injection you accorrplish several objectives at the same time: you are waterproofing your basement, you are structurally repairing a foundation crack, and you are preventing the possibility of a future basement leak from the repaired crack.It creates an irrpervious seal to air, water, chemicals, debris, and other contamination. The epoxy crack injection resin system shall be low viscosity. Epoxy resin, when injected the resin shall form a permanent bond and seal in both dry and darrp conditions.

Areas of use:

Civil engineers commonly recommend epoxy crack injection for the structural repair of cracked concrete in applications such as highway overpasses, overhead concrete structures, concrete cracks, structural cracks, spalled concrete, concrete slabs, columns and all kind of cracks appear in concrete/masonry structure.

Polyurethane crack Injection

Polyurethane injection (sometimes referred to as urethane injection) is arguably the most common type of wet crack injection used for repairing a basement leak and water stopping generally, due to its versatility.1t is used exclusively for stopping leaks in poured concrete foundation walls and structures. PU resin is used for injecting into cracks in concrete or masonry, either wet or dry to form an elastic seal. Polyurethane system is low viscosity and reacts to form a tough, slightly flexible and irrpermeable barrier in both dry and darrp conditions. PU has a good adhesion to concrete and masonry and when injected into cracks it allows some movement without loss of bond. The flexible, low viscosity, polyurethane, crack injection resin system shall be solvent-free liquid polyurethane. .

Areas of use:

Polyurethane crack injection is commonly used to arrest leaks in concrete structures, basements, slabs, retaining walls, water retaining structures, portable water tanks and all kind of leaking cracks in concrete/nasonry structure.

Turbo Seal Injection

Turbo seal Injection system is a single corrponent, highly elastomeric polymer rubber infused with special adhesives. Turbo-Seal U is used to repair water leaks in below grade structures. Due to its superior flexibility, adhesiveness and self-sealing characteristics, Turbo-Seal is ideally suited for repairing and restoring damaged waterproofing membrane systems. Turbo-Seal injection system is applied by rotor/stator injection purrp. Turbo-Seal is injected into leaking areas after drilling to the damaged waterproofing layer restoring its integrity.

Areas of use:

Turbo-Seal, a flexible gel that bonds to any surface to create a self-healing, watertight membrane, repairs leaks in tunnels, underground garages, water tanks, septic tanks, concrete-reinforced levees, subway tunnels, and other below-grade structures experiencing high-volume active water leakage or minimal water leakage. Areas of application include: Shrinkage Cracks Moving Joints, Pipe Penetrations, Settlement Cracks, Construction Joints, Joints in Precast Concrete Segments and Expansion Joints

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